• Two Heidelberg SM-74 Offset printing machine size 20” X 28.5”, 5 colour. Offset printing machine with advanced features like CPC 1-04, CP Tronic, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate preset stream feeder, high pile delivery, IR dryer, Garfix Alphatronic, power spray device, automatic inking roller wash up, automatic blanket/ impression cylinder washup device, inking unit temperature control, etc. (Picture)
  • Complete binding unit with Heidelberg high speed polar paper cutting machines (2 numbers), Perfecta Cutting Machine,STAHL T 50/AA paper folding machine, punching machine, pinning machine, indexing machine, automatic pasting machine, automatic pressing machine, shrink wrapping machine, etc
  • AGS ink presetting system for accurate ink setting on machines
  • Konika Minolta accura 2060 digital press

Our process of printing is processing, plate making, paper cutting, offset printing, product finishing (punching, pinning, pasting), packaging and delivery  can be customized as per your requirements and specifications.